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Coming 2025!
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Take That Mainstage! is the life strategy game where you’re a wannabe rockstar competing to be the next big thing in Emerald City circa 1992!

Our upcoming game is a single player, procedurally generated strategy game with life simulator elements that allows players to build relationships, join bands, style their world, and gain inspiration from their dynamic conversation battles with the AI characters to craft the perfect songs!


All of this is in service of the ultimate goal of beating the other local bands in your rockstar quest. Our aesthetic vision for the initial release is a mix of 90’s era grunge in 2d hand drawn adult cartoon style. We want each run through to feel like you are watching a 90's sitcom, where people lived their lives meeting at bars and coffee shops where their conversations determined their lives, all shot with a fluid camera style, close ups, reaction shots, and more!

  • Proprietary AI Engine developed in house - each play through generates a unique world of thinking and feeling characters who track every thought in their diaries, and a world with filled with events, news, media and more that affect moods, styles, and trends

  • Dynamic conversation system where your choices really matter! Conversation battle with characters in the world to gain secrets and thoughts which you can remember in your notebook to craft your songs, increase your skills and gain success

  • Custom AI song generation feature that generates a unique song every time you craft a new song! Share your favorite songs on social media!

  • Customize your character - choose your music style (indie, metal, punk, or rap), get tattoos, design your band's look and flyers, album covers, and more

  • Grow your talent, skills, and songs to compete against the local bands. Schedule shows, gain fans, create or follow trends, support (or manipulate) your relationships and use social means in your quest to become the next big rockstar!

  • Original 90’s style soundtrack

Who We Are

Fingers on the Moon is a Chicago based Indie Game Studio focused on making "Unique games that stimulate imagination through innovative gameplay"


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