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Play as who you want! Each day schedule activities and manage your time towards achieving your dreams strategically


To win either:

✩ Have five #1 radio hits

✩ Be the headliner on the Emerald City World Tour

✩ Reach 5,000 fans


Gain inspiration by performing activities:

  • Start a band

  • Meet up or call friends (conversation battle)

  • Write songs

  • Read, rehearse, or watch TV

  • Go shopping, check out museums

  • Perform shows

  • and more!

Character AI Engine

Characters have goals, motivations, personalities, preferences & dreams.

And, they write every thought they think in their diaries - this allows for unique gameplay featuring a believable cast of characters that you'll come to know on your quest for success!

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Conversation Battles

Be a friend (or foe) in real-time conversations with people to gain their thoughts you need to win!

Relationship management is key to your success


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Craft thoughts into real songs with our AI songwriting tool!

You can listen, share & use them in-game to compete!

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Procedural Avatar System

Meet unique AI characters every time you play. They get tattoos, change clothes, wear accessories & more! Picture 90’s era grunge in 2d cartoon style, all playing out like a conversation-focused sitcom!

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